Old Beauty Habits Can Translate Into Premature Aging

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Old Beauty Habits Can Translate Into Premature Aging

Dermatology experts, anti-aging serums, and creams, Botox and fillers…we try them all. We all want to slow that demon down…that demon we call “aging.” But, somehow he seems to be catching up with us, because, let’s face it, the reality is that no matter what we do, we will age.

All the things mentioned above will help to minimize the effects of aging, but some things you may be doing as your “normal routine,” may, in fact, be hindering what you are trying to accomplish.

Habits are hard to break, and you may notice that these five have gone relatively unnoticed and have just become part of your thoughtless, everyday routine. These, in fact, may be interfering with your attempts to hide the effects of aging.

5 Skincare Habits That Are Hard To Break


Many of us like an occasional libation, but consuming too much alcohol is bad for your health as well as your skin. Alcohol inflames the skin as well as dehydrates it, causing premature aging. No amount of anti-aging cream can help what you are creating from the inside out.

Lighten Up

You may have been told as a child to “scrub your face.” You probably took it literally. Cleansing your skin is of the utmost importance, but “scrubbing” your skin leads to tearing of the connective tissue, which results in sagging skin. Gentle cleansers along with using warm water instead of hot can combat this.

Good Fat

Healthy fat is wonderful for your skin and anti-aging. Fat aids in retaining a youthful shape and contour. Eating the healthy fat found in fish and avocados is a great way to help find the fountain of youth.

Remember the Sunglasses

Of course, we wear sunglasses to protect our eyes, but using them to protect us from squinting our eyes is an added beauty benefit. Each and every time we squint, we wrinkle. Use sunglasses to guard against the twofold issues we face.

Makeup To Bed?

Seems unthinkable to many, but some women neglect their skin at the end of a very long day. It’s just one more demand they are not willing to deal with. The skin moisturizes itself at night, and if your makeup is clogging the pores, it is unable to moisturize. This causes acne and dry skin, which translates into premature aging.

It’s time to re-evaluate your habits and routines that deal with your skincare regimen.

It’s never too late to change and ultimately slow down the hands of time in regards to aging. Be vigilant and see a dermatologist at Spectrum Dermatology regularly. Give us a call, and we’ll help you maintain or even regain the youthful appearance you want. Together we can review your skin care routine and find changes and treatments to help stave off those dreaded signs of aging. Please call (480) 948-8400 or book your appointment online today.