When OTC Isn’t Enough to Treat Your Acne

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When OTC Isn’t Enough to Treat Your Acne

Many people of all ages rely on over the counter (OTC) medications to treat acne and attempt to fade acne scars. For people with mild cases of acne, this can often be effective, but for others, over the counter medications simply will not work – or if they do, they won’t be as effective as stronger options. If you have tried over the counter medications to combat acne and acne scars, and aren’t satisfied with the result, you may need to move forward with dermatology medications.

Dermatology medications must be prescribed by a qualified, professional dermatologist. If you work with a medical practitioner experienced in treating acne and acne scars, you will benefit from their training and education. Seeing the best dermatologist in Phoenix to treat acne scars and other skin problems will give you more immediate results than what you would see using over the counter medications, and these treatments will be longer lasting.

Dermatology medications and other acne treatments performed by the best dermatologist in Phoenix can be tailored to your specific needs. Every person’s skin is different, with varying needs, challenges, and solutions. When you use over the counter medications to treat acne and acne scars you are stuck using the same treatment regimen that countless other people are using – there is no individualization, with zero consideration of your specific skin, lifestyle factors, environmental stresses, hormones, and genetics.

On the other hand, dermatology medications can be selected by the best dermatologist in Phoenix based on extensive consultation with you, to fully understand what it is that your skin needs to heal and look its best. Dermatology medications are often just one piece of a comprehensive treatment plan that may involve skin resurfacing, treatment of acne scars, and skin care suggestions to avoid triggering further bouts of acne.

Over the counter medications work well for many, and can sometimes be used for maintenance care following an intensive dermatology treatment that eradicates acne. These products have their place and play a role for lots of people, but if you have tried every product out there and are still struggling, stop wasting your time. By visiting a dermatologist you are taking control of your skin and giving yourself the best chances for clean, smooth, healthy skin that leaves you feeling confident and attractive every single day. Contact Spectrum Dermatology today.