Prurigo Nodularis Clinical Trials


Prurigo nodularis (PN) is a skin disease that presents as hard, itchy bumps known as nodules. The itching can be severe, and many patients scratch to the point of causing pain, bleeding, and permanent scarring. Unfortunately, scratching prurigo nodularis can lead to even more lesions. Itching is often exacerbated by sweat, heat, or clothing. Nobody is certain of what causes PN, but the itching and appearance can interrupt sleep, daily activities, and relationships.

The nodules can be up to half an inch large and often have a dry, rough top. Some patients have just a few modules while others have hundreds. You’ll most often find PN on the shoulders, outer arms, and legs, although they can also appear just about anywhere else on the body and face. Nodules can be a variety of colors. Most PN sufferers are between 20 – 60 years old.

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Current Clinical Trials

We invite you learn more about our research division and see current clinical trials. If you’d like more information, or wish to see if you quality, please contact us today at or call (480) 404-9879.

Study 1: Prurigo Nodularis Clinical Study for Adults 18+

Currently, adult patients 18+ are being recruited for a clinical trial involving patients with prurigo nodularis. Qualified candidates should:

  • Nodules accompanied with itching
  • Have at least 20 nodules/lesions on both sides of their body

The clinical trial will include a monthly injectable medication for those with prurigo nodularis. The study is scheduled to last about 16 months. Please contact the research division at or (480) 404-9879 for more information and to see if you qualify.

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