Red Blotches And Anxiety Go Hand In Hand

Red Blotches And Anxiety | Skin Care at Spectrum Dermatology, Phoenix

Red Blotches And Anxiety Go Hand In Hand

If you are looking to enhance your skin care regimen in the New Year, your first step may well be to RELAX.

Stress and anxiety are well known to affect all parts of the body in negative ways. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and why should we expect that to not be affected? It is only normal that people would develop skin issues in response to anxiety. The medical dermatology team at Spectrum Dermatology are here to help.

Anxious? Look Out For The Red Blotches To Appear

Red blotches appearing on your skin could possibly be a sign of illness or perhaps an allergy, but, more often than not you will see them appear during times of intense stress or anxiety. Skin reactions can be the first sign of an illness and when young, can be related to a serious illness or a sign of:
• Measles
• Mumps
• Chicken pox
• Medication allergy
• Food allergy

But, let’s face it; the reality of skin rashes is that they’re caused by nothing at all. The skin reacts to a lot of different things…from hormones to chemicals and even temperatures; the skin is bombarded with challenges. So, while it is always a good idea to consult with a doctor about those red blotches, the real culprit could actually be anxiety. And, anxiety could be causing these red blotches in one of several ways:

Body Heat

During times of added stress the body’s temperature can rise and in doing so, releases a chemical called histamine. This is the very same chemical released during an allergic reaction. When the histamine rises to the surface, it creates hives or red, itchy blotches on the body. The most common areas where these rashes occur are:

• Belly
• Neck
• Arms
• Chest
• Face

Don’t Sweat It!

Stress can also cause the body to sweat profusely and this leads to the release of histamine, as well. Ultimately causing the same red, blotches caused by internal body heat.

Irritated Skin Conditions

The “ normal” skin irritations that you have may become worse when anxiety is added to the mix. As an example, the chickenpox virus, which lays dormant in the body, can become ignited again in times of stress, many times causing a shingle outbreak. Additionally, herpes may be lying low in the body, only activating at the sign of stress, causing a painful and very itchy outbreak known as shingles.

Rash Causes Unknown

Many times the skin goes through unexplainable and unusual reactions to stress. You may have to put two and two together to add up to the fact that with tension comes red blotches. It may be your own personal reaction and you may notice a pattern. Having said that, it’s time to get anxiety under control with slowed breathing, healthy distraction, and self-encouragement.


Should you not be able to calm down and the blotches remain, it may be time to consider anti-histamines. Generally speaking, resorting to medication isn’t always the best idea for dealing with anxiety; however, when the hives are severe, fast-acting antihistamines can bring much-needed relief.

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