What Makes Revanesse Versa Different?

What Makes Revanesse Versa Different? | Spectrum Dermatology

What Makes Revanesse Versa Different?

There are so many dermal fillers to choose from that it can be overwhelming. That’s why Spectrum Dermatology only offers the best, most effective, and safest of dermal fillers, like Revanesse Versa. This dermal filler is relatively new and it was designed as a multi-purpose product that can be used to treat the cheeks, lips, and nasolabial folds.

Versa is made with hyaluronic acid (HA), just like most other dermal fillers. HA is already naturally synthesized in the body, so there is virtually no risk of the body rejecting these fillers. What makes Versa different from other HA dermal fillers? It’s a homogenous filler created using a state-of-the-art wet milling technology and a proprietary formula. This ensures that all of the particles are uniform and perfectly spherical. Results from such a filler include balance, smoothness, and just the right amount of volume.

A Versa Injection

Thanks to the high viscosity of Versa, it is easier for the injector to apply it where it needs to go. This also lends itself to little disruption to the face. It has been found in some studies that swelling is 24 percent less common with Versa when compared to other dermal filler treatments. The molecular weight of HA in Versa is also of the highest quality, which means that it takes longer for Versa to break down compared to similar treatments.

Overall, Versa gives you everything you love about dermal fillers but with fewer side effects—and you can enjoy the results longer. If you have tried dermal fillers before and thought they just didn’t look like you, the swelling was more than you expected, or the results didn’t last as long as you wanted, Versa might be for you.

Product + Injector

It’s critical to be matched with the best dermal filler for you and your goals, and for many clients that means Versa. However, don’t overlook the importance of the skill of the injector. Only trust a reliable injector with any of your dermal fillers. They make a huge difference in your experience and results. Working with a dermatological office is the best way to make sure that you’re getting the best product and injector.

Dermal fillers like Versa can be used to address a number of issues and concerns within the face. Lost volume in the cheeks is often an early sign of aging. We all lose some of the “good fat” as we get older, and youthful, plump cheeks (in all the right ways) are a tell-tale sign of youth that we often take for granted. You can restore volume to the apples of the cheeks quickly with Versa.

Turn Back Time with Versa

The lips have long been a popular site for dermal filler injections. Whether you want to get back the volume you used to have or get the volume you’ve always wanted, Versa is an excellent choice for the lips. The face overall is rather delicate, has thin skin, and you have unique angles and features. The lips can be especially concerning when you’re considering fillers because you want to avoid duck lips and achieve natural-looking plumpness and volume. Versa’s proprietary technology gives you the smoothest, most balanced look possible.

Other popular sites for dermal fillers include along the jawline and in the hollows of the eyes. The jawline can soften with age, or some people genetically just don’t have a very strong jaw. A dermal filler can give you the contour you need, helping you look younger and thinner. Dermal fillers around the eyes can tame lines and wrinkles, and even reduce the appearance of shadows and circles.

What to Expect with Dermal Fillers

Dermal filler appointments are quick and the results are immediate. If you’re new to fillers, you might want to schedule your appointment a few days ahead of any special event or photos in case swelling or redness occurs. Of course, using Versa as opposed to other HA fillers will also greatly reduce your risk of swelling. Most clients feel comfortable immediately going about their day after their appointment.

On average, Versa results last 3 – 6 months, which is about the same as other HA fillers. Many clients do note that they think results last a little longer than other dermal fillers. Planning for about 3 maintenance injections per year is common and easily fits into any schedule. To learn more about Versa, or to schedule your complimentary consultation, connect with Spectrum Dermatology today.