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Rosacea is a common condition that usually starts with a faint blush or redness on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin that comes and goes. Over time, the redness becomes more visible and more persistent. Acne-like pimples also can develop.


Spectrum Dermatology is now accredited to dispense dermatologic medications for Rosacea through an accreditation with Physician Dispensing Association. Our PDA certification allows us to create a variety of dermatologic meds that are filled during our appointment, and available for checkout when you leave. Learn more about the accreditation.

Rosacea Affects Everyone

Adult patients, both men, and women, typically of European descent. There is usually a genetic component to rosacea and it tends to run in families.


Rosacea Flareups

Sunlight, alcohol, spicy foods, stressful situations can exacerbate the condition.


Improving Rosacea

Treatments for rosacea are extremely effective. Medical treatments such as topical prescription creams and oral antibiotics can improve the acne-like component. Lasers (such as Vbeam) can help reduce the redness component of rosacea with very few adverse side effects.


Some patients with rosacea may develop an enlarged or bulbous nose, called “rhinophyma” (or the WC Fields nose). Laser resurfacing can be extremely effective in reshaping rhinophyma and softening the contour of the nose.

Rosacea Redness Treatment | Spectrum Dermatology

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