Ruby Laser Treatments


The Ruby Laser is the newest and most advanced laser technology available at Spectrum Dermatology and designed to treat skin pigmentation and to lighten the skin. It is effective at eliminating or reducing the appearance of brown spots and age spots that appear on the skin as a result of sun exposure, genetics, and hormones. We invite you to learn more about the Ruby Laser, conditions it treats, and book your appointment with one of our providers – (480) 948-8400.

How The Ruby Laser Works

The ruby laser uses a ruby crystal to emit light pulses at various wavelengths to target brown spots and other skin pigmentations. The laser penetrates deep into the skin using very short pulses helping to shatter the unwanted pigment, such as birthmarks or freckles. Because the ruby laser is capable of delivering high-intensity laser beams in very short pulses, its impact of thermal energy only affects the targeted pigmentation and does not damage the surrounding tissue.

The Ruby Laser Treatment

Prior to treatment, the treated area is cleansed, and eye protection is administered. One of our highly-skilled technicians will gently place and guide the laser handpiece across the surface of the skin. Most patients are able to tolerate treatment as the laser pulses feel like a small rubber band being snapped against the skin. A topical anesthetic is available if needed. An ice pack will be applied following treatment to ease any possible discomfort.

Ruby Laser Treatment | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale, Arizona

Benefits of Ruby Laser Treatment

The ruby laser is capable of treating all colors except for red, making it an effective and diverse treatment for many skin pigmentation disorders as well as tattoo removal. This highly effective laser offers patients permanent results, giving them clear skin with an even skin tone.

Number of Treatments Required

The number of ruby laser treatments necessary depends on the size and degree of pigment correction needed. Most patients require between one to six treatments for optimal results. Results are permanent; however, new spots can develop and appear if the skin is not properly cared for.

Some patients may experience minor side effects that include redness or itching, which usually subside in less than a week.

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