Scar Revision Surgery


There are many types of scars, but in general a scar is a thickened area of skin that is a healing response to trauma such as surgery or acne.


Treatment for Thickened Scars

Thickened scars can usually be flattened with some injections of intralesional steroids. This is a quick in office procedure.


Treatment for Red Scars

Scars typically take 6-12 months to achieve complete healing. In the first 6-12 months there is typically an up-regulation of blood vessels in order to help the body heal faster. This can lead to a pink or red scar that is more noticeable. Lasers can be employed to decrease the redness of the scar.


Scar Revision

In some cases, scars can be re-excised or re-oriented in order for the scar to fall within a natural skin tension line and for the scar to be less noticeable. See your dermatologist to evaluate your scars to see what treatment options would best suit your needs.

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