Schedule Your Yearly Skin Exam Today

Schedule Your Yearly Skin Exam Today | Spectrum Dermatology, Phoenix

Schedule Your Yearly Skin Exam Today

May is Melanoma Month and a great reminder to schedule an annual skin exam. Although melanoma is the deadliest of all cancers, not just within the skin cancer family, it is also the easiest to treat when caught early. Skin cancer is also one of the most easily preventable of cancers. However, many patients have already spent several years allowing their skin to be unprotected by the sun’s UV rays. Damage done to the skin years ago can present as skin cancer later in life. Yearly skin exams are the best way to catch warning signs early so skin cancer can be treated.

Detecting Skin Cancer Early Is Essential

It is impossible for patients to see every part of their body to check for changing moles or other potential signs of cancer. Moles that are irregular are the most common sign of skin cancer, but there are other red flags that may be missed. For example, actinic keratosis can be a sign of pre-cancer. Dermatologists can “mole map” and keep track digitally of all moles on the body to check for changes.

Mole Checks and Cancer Screenings

An annual skin exam is not just for mole checks and cancer screenings, although that is the most important part of a yearly check. These exams are also great opportunities to address all types of skin problems from acne scarring to rosacea. Eczema, adult acne, and overly oily or dry skin can all cause discomfort and embarrassment. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and often the most abused. Changing seasons, age, hormone shifts, stress, and genetic dispositions are just a few factors that can change the skin over time.

See Your Scottsdale Dermatologist At Spectrum Dermatology

It is important to see a dermatologist just as regularly as a general physician or dentist. Caring for this important organ regularly is key for a patient’s health, safety, and self-esteem. In the spring, patients are exposing more skin and increasing their risk of a burn. Intense exposure to the sun is the leading cause of melanoma. Schedule your skin check today with Spectrum Dermatology and go into the warmer months confident and with the knowledge necessary to protect your skin.