Skin Lumps And Bumps…….Cause For Concern?

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Skin Lumps And Bumps…….Cause For Concern?

We all wonder if these various small lumps and bumps we feel under our skin are a cause for worry. Most times these small lumps are harmless, benign growths, especially if they are the type of lump that moves around freely under the skin. This would indicate that it is what is known as a lipoma or a fatty filled growth. They can occur almost anywhere in the body and they are not cancer, nor do they turn into cancer.

Other Types Of Skin Lumps

  • Cyst – A closed sac under the skin that contains fluid or semisolid material.
  • Benign skin growth known as neurofibromas or seborrhea can keratosis.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Boils- these are painful lumps involving a hair follicle
  • Warts– A skin virus that turns into a rough, very hard bump, usual on the hands or feet.
  • Callus- a thickened skin bump caused by continued pressure, such as a shoe rubbing.
  • Abscess – infected material encased in skin.
  • Moles – skin toned small bumps on the skin.
  • Cancer of the skin– a bump on the skin, colored, bleeds easily, changes size or shape and may have a crust that doesn’t heal.


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This is an overview of lumps to help in identifying a potential problem, however it is always recommended to see a board certified dermatologist for a consultation and exam. Any concerns you have or suspicious lumps or bumps can be addressed and ease your mind. Contact the dermatology team at Spectrum Dermatology to learn more, share your concerns, and get the expert help you need.