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Spectrum Dermatology is happy to offer specials to our patients. With four offices in the Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area, please contact us for more information and check back often for the newest specials.

Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale, Phoenix

Introducing MiraDry!

Save 15% on miraDry treatments at Spectrum Dermatology.

MiraDry is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven treatment to permanently control underarm sweat, odor, and hair. The innovative miraWave technology works by providing microwave energy that enters the dermal-fat interface. This is where skin meets fat in the underarm and the source of excess sweat and odor. by utilizing a handpiece, your treatment is performed in office and most people only need one session to see real benefit, and a boost to their confidence:)

MiraDry Benefits:

  • Works on all hair colors, skin colors, or skin thicknesses
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Quick and comfortable treatment, most people need  just one session
  • Received a 90% “worth-it” rating on Real Self
  • Studies show 82% reduction in sweat* one year after treatment

Save 15% on miraDry this month! We are happy to announce miraDry and invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to learn if you’re a candidate for this exciting new treatment.

Permanently Remove Fat without Anesthesia Risk | Spectrum Dermatology

Fear No Mirror with CoolSculpting!

Take up to 33% off your transformation package, please call us to schedule your complimentary consultation.

CoolSculpting is one of the newest and most promising nonsurgical techniques for localized fat reduction. Having received FDA-approval in 2010, CoolSculpting cools the targeted fat tissue to break down the fat cells for easy removal without damage to surrounding skin and muscle. The natural repair mechanisms of the body remove the freeze-injured cells over a period of months.

CoolSculpting has many benefits including:

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical, zero downtime
  • Reduces fat by freezing it
  • No anesthesia needed
  • No injections or needles

Get the contoured body you’ve worked so hard to achieve with a little help from CoolSculpting. Take up to 33% off CoolSculpting transformation packages and get that sleek physique just in time for spring break and the summer months. We invite you to learn more by calling to book a complimentary consultation today.

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