Dermatology Specials


Spectrum Dermatology is happy to offer specials to our patients. With four offices in the Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area, please contact us for more information and check back often for the newest specials.

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

VI Peel Before/After Photo*

10% Off VI Chemical Peel

Spring is in the air, and that means a trifecta of options to look and feel your best. Take advantage of 10% off VI Peel. It’s the popular treatment everyone wish they’d discovered a long time ago. The “vee-eye” peel is much more comfortable than deeper chemical peels and especially fantastic at treating sun damage. The VI peel improves skin laxity, makes your complexion smoother, and minimizes hyperpigmentation in just one week.

Special: 10% Off VI Peel

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

Versa Dermal Filler Before/After Photo*

10% Off Revanesse Versa

You can also get 10% off our Revanesse Versa filler treatment, the latest dermal filler at Spectrum Dermatology. Made with hyaluronic acid (HA), this long-lasting filler is injected into soft tissue to erase wrinkles and creases. It’s especially suitable for the dreaded nasolabial folds and can smooth out the deepest creases and facial wrinkles. HA already occurs naturally in the body, and unlike some other dermal fillers Versa is a semi-permanent solution that can last up to one year. The proprietary manufacturing process of this filler allows it to have a particle that’s more uniform and spherical than any other filler available.

Special: 10% Revanesse Versa Dermal Fillers

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

CoolSculpting Before/After Photo*

Up To 33% Off CoolSculpting

We’re also offering an incredible 33% off CoolSculpting so you can get swimsuit-ready in no time. CoolSculpting contours and sculpts the body (and face!) by targeting and freezing away excess, unwanted fat. There are no needles, no incisions, and no downtime. Plus, CoolSculpting takes a slow and steady approach, with initial results a few weeks after your treatment and full results at six months after your last session. Once fat is CoolSculpted away, it’s never coming back. Schedule your CoolSculpting appointment now, and you’ll enjoy optimal results by summer.

Special: Up To 33% Off CoolSculpting Transformation Packages