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Spectrum Dermatology is happy to offer specials to our patients. With four offices in the Scottsdale and the Greater Phoenix area, please contact us for more information and check back often for the newest specials.

NEW Chandler Aesthetic Specials

10% Off All Aesthetic Treatments At Our Chandler Office

Spectrum Dermatology is pleased to announce the opening of our NEW office in Chandler! We have a new building and many new staff members, which allows us to provide aesthetic treatments to our patients. Popular treatments include those that minimize age spots, repair sun-damaged skin, add volume to the face lips, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, remove unwanted hair, and reduce that last bit of troublesome fat.

Contact Spectrum Dermatology today to save 10% on treatments including microneedling with PRP, microdermabrasion, facials, peels, IPL, hair removal, CoolSculpting and more! The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our aesthetics team members, and we’ll build a treatment plan that is ideal for your goals. Offer cannot be combined with other specials.

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ
Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

Excessive Sweating Special

Save 15% on miraDry treatment!

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, really gets activated in the summer months. It’s a medical condition that you can easily get under control for good with MiraDry, which permanently damages targeted sweat glands. Sweating in normal amounts is good for you. But if you sweat too much, it can be embarrassing, ruin clothes, and get in the way of your social life. MiraDry zaps away excess sweat to make the end of summer that much sweeter.

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

IPL Special

10% off IPL Treatments

IPL therapy is designed to damage the skin cells that form the spots so that they don’t produce melanin, which gives your skin color. It’s a highly effective treatment that can be used on the face, neck, chest, and hands. The results are immediate, and the skin feels tighter, lifted, and youthful. Although the face is often one of the most common treatment sites, the neck, chest, and hands can also reveal sun damage and age. IPL is one of the few skin treatments that can be safely used in all these key areas.

Spectrum Dermatology Scottsdale, AZ

CoolSculpting Special

Take up to 33% off your transformation package

Cool down this summer by discovering the best, contoured you. CoolSculpting permanently* freezes away stubborn areas of fat in a safe, non-invasive session. You’ll start seeing results in a few weeks, but full results will appear just in time for the winter holiday season. Check out our CoolSculpting special and learn more by scheduling a consultation to see if you’re an ideal candidate.

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