Stop Excessive Sweating Now with MiraDry

Stop Excessive Sweating Now with MiraDry | Spectrum Dermatology

Stop Excessive Sweating Now with MiraDry

The technical term for excessive sweating is hyperhidrosis, and it affects 37 million people in the US—most often in the underarm. If no anti-perspirant works for you, if you’ve damaged clothes, or if you opted out of social events (pre-COVID) due to excessive sweating, there’s a permanent and instantaneous solution. Spectrum Dermatology offers MiraDry, a revolutionary and non-invasive procedure that stops excessive sweating so you can live your best life.

Of course, normal levels of sweating are healthy and part of life. It’s how we regulate our temperature. There’s no benefit to excessive sweating, and hyperhidrosis can get in the way of daily activities. It causes embarrassment, odor, and low self-esteem. For years, the only options were topical solutions. Botox can help as well, but you will need routine injections every few months to keep excessive sweating at bay. MiraDry provides instant and permanent relief.

Start with a Diagnosis: Excessive Sweating

Everyone sweats and everyone sweats a unique amount, so the first step in treating hyperhidrosis is a proper diagnosis. Abnormal sweating can be caused by medical issues, so it is critical to rule out that possibility. When no cause can be found, we can then work on a treatment. For many clients, the microwave therapy of MiraDry is the best solution. It destroys sweat glands so that you never have to worry about maintenance treatments or hyperhidrosis coming back.

MiraDry has FDA clearance and it has been clinically proven to stop excessive sweating. As a bonus, it also minimizes body hair where the sweating occurs. The technology is based on microwave energy that accesses the dermal-fat interface where fat meets the skin. MiraDry destroys three facets of the target site including the sweat glands, odor glands, and hair follicles. Those who struggle with odor more so than sweat can also benefit from MiraDry (although the two issues are usually intertangled). A MiraDry session is fast and comfortable, with your MiraDry professional using a little hand tool equipped with a cooling plate.

The Technology Behind MiraDry

There are hair follicles at various depths under the skin, and at the perfect temperature glands and follicles cannot withstand the heat. However, just the right placement and temperature is required to yield results, which is why you should only trust a MiraDry skin care professional with your treatments.

Clients of any skin tone and hair color can benefit from MiraDry. It is also an effective tool for all types of skin thickness since the technology can target various levels. Some clients are happy with the results after just one treatment, while others prefer additional treatments. Your exact number of treatments will vary based on the number of glands and follicles you have causing excessive sweating or odor, as well as your desired results. All results are permanent, and most clients request 1 – 2 sessions.

Who Gets MiraDry?

With so many people struggling with excessive sweating, it may seem surprising that most don’t opt for MiraDry but there’s a simple reason for this: a lot of people don’t know about it. It is a relatively new treatment, even though microwave technology has of course been available for decades. Those who have discovered MiraDry have rated it at 90 percent “worth it” on the site Real Self because of how fast, comfortable, and effective it is.

MiraDry is of course costlier than antiperspirants, even prescription-grade ones, and oftentimes also more than Botox injections (depending on the number of units needed). However, the cost difference is only noticeable at the beginning. Considering that MiraDry is permanent and typically only requires 1 – 2 sessions, the cost of MiraDry is often much less than non-permanent solutions in the long run.

Many clients also love MiraDry’s side effects of hair reduction in the treated area, including fine and blond hairs. On average, hair reduction is about 70 percent after a MiraDry session. This is a fantastic coupling since clients report an 82 percent reduction in sweat even one year after their treatment (remember, MiraDry and any treatment is supposed to lead to a reduction in sweat, not a complete cessation of sweat, since sweating a normal amount is important for your health).

If you are one of the three percent of people in America struggling with excessive sweating or odor, help is available. We often think such sweating is a rite of passage for teens, but the reality is that excessive sweating often can and does persist throughout your life. Learn more about MiraDry or schedule your complimentary consultation with Spectrum Dermatology today by booking your appointment online.