Want to Smell Better When You Sweat—or Stop the Sweat?

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Want to Smell Better When You Sweat—or Stop the Sweat?

Sweating is normal, and unfortunately sweating a lot (medically known as hyperhidrosis) is also common. That’s why Spectrum Dermatology offers miraDry, a non-invasive technology that permanently destroys targeted sweat glands so that you can stop sweating for good. miraDry is customized so that only excessive sweat glands are vanquished, and it starts working immediately. Enjoy clothes that aren’t stained, confidence when raising your arms or in intimate situations, and easily fit a miraDry appointment into your schedule because there is zero downtime.

MiraDry Is A Step Above The Rest

MiraDry is changing lives for the better, but other technologies continue to take other, less-effective routes. Engineers at the University of Minho in Portugal have created a cotton fabric that smells like citronella when you sweat. The full results are published in the ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces journal, but it only hides one of the signs of sweat instead of getting rid of it entirely.

Still, it’s always interesting to keep an eye on how we are continuously trying to stop excessive, embarrassing sweating. The engineers identified a protein in pig noses that bind to molecules in scent, then added molecules that bind to carbohydrates. Liposomes can also be used for similar results, but the scent with liposomes is a slow-release whereas the pig protein is an instant, strong punch of citronella.

Some people like the smell of citronella, and others don’t but the engineers are quick to point out that it has one inarguable benefit: it’s an insect repellant. According to researchers, this new cotton fabric still needs more testing, but it’s “promising.” However, dermatologists and those in the know are wondering why some excessive sweaters would want to re-build their entire wardrobe and adopt a new “signature cologne” when miraDry gives you absolute freedom.

Banish Embarrassing Sweat For Good With Spectrum Dermatology

If you think you sweat too much or your sweating is getting in the way of your self-esteem and style, miraDry might be for you. Contact Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 to schedule your consultation today.