Most Sun Damage Occurs as a Child: Is It Too Late?

Most Sun Damage Occurs as a Child: Is It Too Late? | Spectrum Dermatology

Most Sun Damage Occurs as a Child: Is It Too Late?

You may have heard that you’ve already sustained the majority of sun damage in your life, and that’s true. Children play outside more than adults (or at least that used to be the case), which is why Spectrum Dermatology recommends people of all ages adopt an excellent sunscreen regimen. The wrinkles, saggy skin, and brown spots that occur from sun damage can take years to develop. The sudden crow’s feet by your eyes when you’re 35 might be exacerbated by that nasty burn you got at five years old. However, that doesn’t mean you should abandon sunscreen as an adult.

Skin Care and Sun Damage

People continue to build up sun damage throughout their life. It’s never too late to adopt a high-quality skin care regimen, which includes sunscreen whenever the skin is exposed to the sun. This can help prevent further damage. However, you may also want to consider treatments to reverse sun damage for cosmetic reasons.

Today’s state-of-the-art laser therapy for skin rejuvenation can take years off your life. Skin tightening treatments can smooth the skin and reverse the signs of sun damage. Removing brown spots caused by the sun, age, or genetics can also virtually erase those days spent on the beach without sunscreen.

Most adults weren’t regularly slathered with sunscreen every time they went outside as a child. The information on sun damage wasn’t as readily available a few decades ago. This means the majority of adults are suffering from some degree of sun damage that may have been preventable—but now, much of it is reversible.

Reversing Sun Damage At Spectrum Dermatology

Reversing sun damage can make a person look younger, healthier, and increase self-confidence. Younger looking people are thought of as happier and more successful. This can translate to more romantic prospects, job opportunities, and potential for promotions. Start protecting your skin now and learn more about skin rejuvenation procedures. Connect with Spectrum Dermatology and get started on a personalized regimen just for you and your skin goals.