Do You Sweat a Normal Amount?

Do You Sweat a Normal Amount? | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Do You Sweat a Normal Amount?

You know that you sweat a lot, but is it a normal amount or too much? How much we sweat isn’t usually a topic that comes up in conversation—unless you’re at Spectrum Dermatology. Hyperhidrosis is the term for excessive sweating, but how do you know if your sweat levels are normal?

No Need to Sweat It Out

Sweating is a necessary and natural way for the body to regulate its temperature, but you might suffer from too much of a good thing. Hyperhidrosis is a common medical condition that affects up to 8.8% of people ages 18 – 39. There are two types of hyperhidrosis, including primary hyperhidrosis and secondary hyperhidrosis. Primary hyperhidrosis is its own medical condition that has no cause. Secondary hyperhidrosis presents as extreme sweating caused by medications or other medical conditions like type-2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or even pregnancy. Common medications that cause secondary hyperhidrosis include many antidepressants and some cancer drugs or beta-blockers.

If you have primary hyperhidrosis (or some secondary forms of hyperhidrosis), help is available. miraDry is a non-invasive procedure that permanently “kills” targeted sweat glands so that you sweat a normal amount. You can even get rid of the majority of sweat glands in your armpits (you’ll want to keep a few!) so you never have “pit stains” or soak through shirts again. Even better, miraDry also vanquishes armpit odor.

miraDry is safe, fast, and immediately effective to treat hyperhidrosis. But how do you know if it’s actually a condition you’re struggling with? Your dermatologist can tell you. The majority of people with hyperhidrosis say they noticed the condition before they were ten years old and struggle with excessive sweating in both armpits equally. Primary hyperhidrosis usually doesn’t happen at night, and episodes usually aren’t constant. Most people with hyperhidrosis have family members with the same problem, and all say hyperhidrosis gets in the way of their work, daily lives, or relationships.

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If you don’t like being touched because you worry about sweat, are prone to skin infections, have had accidents related to excessive sweating, or are always worried about your next “sweat breakout,” you might have hyperhidrosis. Get a diagnosis and miraDry treatment by scheduling your consultation with Spectrum Dermatology today, and you’ll enter 2020 with confidence.