Dermatological Advances to Tackle Athlete’s Foot

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Dermatological Advances to Tackle Athlete’s Foot

There has been an increase in sports-specific clinics in recent years, and that has helped to drive awareness and treatment of one of the most common athletic issues—athlete’s foot. However, Athlete’s Foot is ultimately a dermatological condition and Spectrum Dermatology has always offered the latest, most effective treatments. Also known as tinea pedis, the colloquial name is a bit of a misnomer. Anyone, not just athletes, can get athlete’s foot, and there’s been an increase in incidents in recent years.

Walking barefoot around public pools, in gym locker rooms, or just about anywhere else where moisture is present can increase your odds of contracting athlete’s foot. Even having sweaty feet and not getting out of wet socks or shoes right away can cause athlete’s foot. The condition isn’t harmful, but it’s very annoying, which means that people usually seek out treatment fast. There are ointments and creams you can get over the counter, but they’re not always the most effective approach.

Athlete’s Foot Is A Type Of Ringworm

Technically, athlete’s foot is a type of ringworm. It’s a fungal infection that can happen on the skin between the toes. Athlete’s foot causes a scaly rash with a lot of itching and burning. It’s also very contagious, and you can share it (or catch it) through towels and clothing, too. Even if you do treat it with over-the-counter ointments, it often recurs, which makes prescription medications from your dermatologist a better choice.

In severe cases, athlete’s foot can lead to blisters and ulcers. Chronic dryness from athlete’s foot can cause scales on the soles of the feet and even up to the ankle. In these cases, it might be mistaken for eczema or simply dry skin. If left untreated, athlete’s foot can spread to the hands.

How To Avoid Athlete’s Foot

You’re at higher risk of athlete’s foot if you regularly wear damp or tight shoes, walk barefoot in public places, or share a space with someone who has athlete’s foot. Males are also at higher risk.

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