The “Mohs” You Know: Discover a Life-Changing Skin Cancer Treatment

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The “Mohs” You Know: Discover a Life-Changing Skin Cancer Treatment

Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is scary, even when you know skin cancer is the most easily treated cancer when caught early. Spectrum Dermatology is committed to making your skin cancer treatment as quick and comfortable as possible, and this means ensuring minimal scarring and appointments. Mohs Surgery is a revolutionary way to treat skin cancer and atypical moles in just one single appointment.

Treating Skin Cancer

In years past—and, unfortunately, still at many dermatology clinics—when a mole is biopsied and diagnosed as atypical or cancerous, a long journey begins. It’s critical that the cancerous area is completely removed, and that used to require multiple appointments and additional skin removal. Skin isn’t considered “cancer-free” until the entire border of the biopsied area is determined by a lab as “clear.” As you can imagine, this can take a lot of time, cause a lot of scarring, and require multiple appointments—until now.

Mohs Surgery works by having a lab on-site. Every Spectrum Dermatology center is equipped with a lab for Mohs surgery. When an area of your skin is biopsied and deemed atypical or cancerous, your highly-skilled dermatologist continues to remove tiny borders of the area. These samples are immediately taken to the on-site lab for instant-results. The skin area continues to be lab-tested on-site until an “all-clear” is achieved.

Mohs Surgery also means minimal scarring. Only the smallest samples are taken so you can rest assured knowing there is no unnecessary or excess tissue removed. A single appointment also minimizes surgery because there is just one surgery site. Patients are awake but numb for each tissue removal, which means you can easily scroll through your phone, read a book, or work on your laptop during the procedure.

Don’t Wait – Schedule Your Annual Exam

This is not just the fastest approach to skin cancer treatment that promises the best results, but it’s also the most effective. Peace of mind is restored because you leave your appointment knowing that all of the dangerous tissue has been removed. There’s no waiting for lab results or undergoing numerous excisions. With Mohs, it is microscopically proven that the cancer is fully removed during your first and only appointment. If you’ve been diagnosed with an atypical or cancerous mole, or if you want to schedule your annual skin check, call Spectrum Dermatology and have access to Mohs Surgery today at 480-948-8400.