Those Annoying Skin Tags

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Those Annoying Skin Tags

Anyone can develop those annoying little skin tags, those harmless flaps of skin that seem to appear out of nowhere. They usually show up on the neck, on or near the armpit, in the groin area, on the eyelids, under the breasts, between the thighs and on the back and abdomen. So, basically don’t be surprised to see them show up anywhere. Oftentimes they are inherited, so you may notice family members also have them. Both men and women can develop skin tags. Sometimes, but rarely, they go away on their own. Most physicians agree that the best treatment for skin tags is no treatment at all, if they are not irritating you.

Causes for skin tags

There really is no known reason why people get skin tags. Heredity could play a factor, as well as the fact that they appear more often in areas that are rubbed by clothing or on parts of body with friction, such as thighs or armpits.

Age is a factor, as skin tags develop over time. Also, obesity plays a role, as folds of skin rubbing and irritating can cause the tags to develop. Lastly, hormones can also play a role in developing skin tags.

Skin tag treatment options

If you have skin tags that you desire to have removed, please do not try to do it yourself. This could result in infection and scarring. It is recommended that you see a board certified dermatologist who can examine you and make certain that the skin tags are truly skin tags.

After determining that they are in fact skin tags, the dermatologist will determine the best method to remove them, usually numbing the area and using a scalpel to remove the tag. Another method commonly used is cauterization in which the skin tag is burned off with an electric current.

All methods are simple and effective and done in the office.

Skin Tag Removal at Spectrum Dermatology

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