Time To Say Goodbye To Acne Scars

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Time To Say Goodbye To Acne Scars

Nobody likes acne, and what can be worse than going through acne are the sometimes horrible acne scars that can be left behind. This can be a very traumatic problem for those who have to endure it. Even though the acne breakouts may be controlled or have long since stopped, the scarring remains for a lifetime.

Just like the treatment of acne itself, the treatment for acne scars can be just as troublesome. Usually, successful treatment requires a team approach with a dermatologist and a cosmetic surgeon.

There are many options for treatment of acne today depending on the severity of outbreaks.

First, attention must be turned to stopping any outbreaks, then focus can begin on repairing of the scarring. If outbreaks continue, scarring is likely to continue, and any treatments aimed at treating scarring would be futile. Once the outbreaks are well controlled, attention can be turned toward erasing the lasting marks on the face.

Adult onset acne is not completely uncommon and is seen in women who are pregnant – often with more severe scarring. Acne is not only a disease of adolescence. Treatment options for acne scars depends on the severity of the scarring and the skin type of the person wishing repair.

Skin resurfacing is the main concentration for those who have light acne scarring. To know if this is the right treatment for you, if you place a finger on either side of an area of scarring and lightly pulling. If the scars fade, this can be a good option for resurfacing. By removing the outer layers of skin and stimulating collagen synthesis with new skin formation, acne scars can be reduced.

For lighter skinned patients, treatments range from simple facial exfoliation to deep chemical or laser peels and then finally to surgical intervention. However, in people with darker skin, options are limited because of concern for pigment irregularities after treatment.

A deep chemical peel, CO2 resurfacing or dermabrasion are popular treatments for deeper scars. Deeper scars can be surgically excised with the larger acne scar replaced with a surgically placed small line. Then, the surgical results can later be refined with other rejuvenation techniques.

A treatment for treating multiple scars is called, Punch Grafting. It is a simple way to treat and a circular punch is used to create an incision around an acne scar. The scar is then allowed to heal and the resulting skin irregularity is smoothed.

Lastly, for larger, depressed scars, subcision with filler is a way to treat them. This involves releasing the tethering attachments underneath the scar and then filling the space with either a temporary or long lasting filler to prevent the scar from reforming when it heals.

It is first and foremost important to be sure you consult with a physician who has experience in acne scarring and has a large variety of options. With any treatment, it is also important to remember that just as acne scars did not form overnight, treatment can sometimes take months to get the desired result. Once you find an experienced physician and decide on a treatment option, remember that it can be a long road, but usually one that is worth the wait.

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