TODAY Anchors Show Off CoolSculpting Results

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TODAY Anchors Show Off CoolSculpting Results

TODAY anchors Savannah Guthrie and Jenna Bush Hager tried out CoolSculpting to see what all of the fuss was about—and revealed the results on national television. Spectrum Dermatology offers this popular procedure for those who want to banish stubborn areas of fat. As part of the show’s “Does it Work?” series, the two anchors underwent three CoolSculpting sessions (the most commonly recommended amount), then revealed the results nine weeks later.

Guthrie opted for CoolScupting on her upper arms while Hager selected her stomach. “I think to be clear about it, it’s really just a spot treatment,” Guthrie stressed. Hager said, “The thing is, I felt different immediately.” However, after Thanksgiving break, Hager said the weight “came back.” Although it’s impossible for frozen fat to “come back,” binging can lead to temporary bloating, and excessive calories can cause fat cells in areas close to CoolScultped sections to get bigger. A healthy diet and exercise are always key, before and after treatment.

The two anchors talked to experts, including CoolSculpting doctors, who explained how fat cells can be “frozen to death” before the body naturally eliminates them within a few weeks. They also spoke to one of the co-inventors of the procedure, Dr. Rox Anderson. He explained how CoolSculpting began when researchers realized “popsicle panniculitis” happened to babies who regularly sucked on popsicles. Regular exposure to freezing temperatures led to permanent* fat loss in the babies’ cheeks. Dr. Rox Anderson has undergone CoolSculpting sessions himself, and said the results have lasted for over ten years.

NBC News found that clinical studies show an average fat reduction of up to 25 percent for treated areas. Side effects are minimal. The anchors’ results were analyzed by two independent plastic surgeons, who both reported a “significant reduction in fat in the areas treated.”

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