Verna Magazine Ranks Top Dermal Fillers for 2019

Top Dermal Fillers for 2019 | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Verna Magazine Ranks Top Dermal Fillers for 2019

The demand for dermal fillers is skyrocketing, helping clients create the pout they always wanted and restoring lost volume for a youthful, healthier appearance. Spectrum Dermatology proudly offers the top-ranked dermal fillers, and during the month of November you can enjoy 15% off all dermal fillers when you book an appointment at the brand-new Chandler office. According to Verna Magazine, dermal fillers continue to revolutionize the aesthetics market as a non-invasive procedure offering immediate and gorgeous results.

Finding the Right Filler for You

Dermal fillers smooth the lines and folds on the face, removing wrinkles, adding volume to hollowed cheeks, optimizing facial contours, and of course plumping up lips. This treatment can make clients look instantly more youthful, all with FDA-approved ingredients that are safe. However, with so many dermal fillers available, how can you identify the best?

It’s simple at Spectrum Dermatology, your center that only offers the safest and top-rated dermal fillers. A great filler is versatile, durable, natural-looking, and safe. Quality dermal fillers are made with ingredients naturally occurring in the body, such as hyaluronic acid. It’s an ingredient that has virtually no side effect risks and is temporary so you can adjust results as you desire.

According to the magazine, the best dermal fillers of 2019 include Juvederm and Restylane—also two of the most popular fillers at your Phoenix-area center. Juvederm is revered for its smooth, consistent gel that improves contours of the face while restoring volume. It’s especially fantastic at treating creases near the mouth and nose (dubbed the marionette lines). It’s also effective for under-eye bags and other thin-skin areas.

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Restylane also makes the list, and as the first dermal filler in the world, it’s a time-tested favorite. It is a worthy Juvederm competitor and especially recommended for volumizing the lips. With over 25 million Restylane treatments completed around the world, clients rest easy knowing they’re using a proven favorite. Learn more about dermal fillers and schedule your appointment with Spectrum Dermatology today.