Top Nurse Injector at Spectrum Dermatology

Lisa Damante Spectrum Dermatology Nurse Injector

Top Nurse Injector at Spectrum Dermatology

At Spectrum Dermatology, we are proud to have nurse injector Lisa Damante as a member of our team! Lisa’s techniques and products are a major part of the skin care our Scottsdale patients enjoy at Spectrum Dermatology, and she has an important role in our clinic.

As an aesthetic nurse, Lisa brings over eight years of experience to Spectrum Dermatology. Her practice involves top of the line non-invasive anti-aging treatments, like wrinkle filler injections and other forms of facial rejuvenation.

With a history in trauma care, Lisa understands how important the medical setting is. Her experience as an emergency room nurse has helped develop her high level of patient care and a strong bedside manner – she takes every client’s concerns seriously, working to develop a treatment plan that will maximize on health, self-confidence, and beauty.

As a nurse injector, Lisa has been honored by the medical community. She earned Allergan’s Black Diamond Injector status thanks to the quality of her treatments, and is highly skilled in inserting wrinkle filler injections such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Artefill, and Radiesse.

Along with wrinkle filler injections, Lisa is skilled in providing treatments like laser hair reduction, Fraxel® fractional laser treatments, intense pulsed light photofacials, and other laser skin care for Scottsdale clients.

If you are looking for personalized, friendly, and exceptionally professional care, Lisa Damante is the nurse injector you will want to see! Her work at Spectrum Dermatology is unparalleled when it comes to skin care in Scottsdale, and many return clients have given her glowing reviews.

Spectrum Dermatology patients who see Lisa for wrinkle filler injections and other skin care in Scottsdale leave the clinic impressed with her work and glowing with self-assuredness and natural beauty that Lisa works to bring to the surface.

If you feel like your skin is not as lovely as it could be, or simply want to discuss your options for rejuvenation, contact Spectrum Dermatology to learn about Lisa’s wrinkle filler injections and other skin care possibilities. She will be happy to work with you to create an individualized treatment plan, taking your genetics, environmental factors, stressors, goals, and medical concerns into consideration to ensure that you will realize skin care success.

Visit one of our four Scottsdale or Phoenix Dermatology locations to consult with our top nurse injector, Lisa Damante. You are sure to be thrilled with the results! You can call us at 480-948-8400 to book your free consultation or contact us online.