Why You Should Try CoolSculpting in 2020

Why You Should Try CoolSculpting in 2020 | Spectrum Dermatology

Why You Should Try CoolSculpting in 2020

Most people have heard about CoolSculpting, and maybe you even know someone who’s tried it. It’s a revolutionary procedure available at Spectrum Dermatology for those who are struggling with stubborn areas of fat or who are looking to complete all their hard work at the gym with body contouring and sculpting. Before CoolSculpting, the only permanent way* to get rid of unwanted fat was through liposuction. However, liposuction is a surgery and comes with all the risks and recovery period of surgery. There is also scarring when you choose to go with liposuction (albeit small) and severe bruising and swelling can occur.

CoolSculpting has none of the risks of liposuction, but all of the benefits for those who are just looking to remove a small amount of fat to achieve a contoured, sculpted look. The technology is based on research from the 1970s in which doctors noticed that children who ate a lot of popsicles had less fat on their face than their peers. Excess fat that we don’t want (“bad fat”) actually freezes and dies at certain temperatures while the “good fat” is unharmed.

This popsicle study led to additional research on how fat responds to freezing temperatures and ultimately to the creation of CoolSculpting. Even if you know a little about CoolSculpting, the technology is always evolving and there’s probably quite a few perks to this procedure that are new to you.

How CoolSculpting in Scottsdale Works

CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive with no needles and no downtime. It works by placing a special tool on the surface of the skin at the target site. Clients feel a light suction similar to a vacuum as the CoolSculpting tool begins the freezing process. There is no pain, and most clients read a book, catch up on a show, check their email, or scroll through social media during their session.

Scottsdale CoolSculpting sessions last about 30 minutes per site, making it a popular lunch hour treatment. You can also treat multiple sites during each visit, and this includes the flanks, stomach, upper thighs, and upper arms. Since there’s no downtime, you can immediately return to work or other daily activities. Some clients might experience slight redness or bruising after CoolSculpting, but it’s very mild and will subside quickly on its own.

When Will I See Scottsdale CoolSculpting Results?

Unlike liposuction, which aggressively removes excess fat, CoolSculpting takes a slow and steady approach. This allows for the skin to adjust to a new, slimmer you and helps to minimize the risk of excessive skin laxity. Anyone who loses weight quickly, either through a crash diet, weight loss surgery, or even liposuction, is at a risk of getting saggy skin. This isn’t the case with CoolSculpting. You may start to see results a few weeks after your Scottsdale CoolSculpting treatment, but full results can take up to six months. Start your CoolSculpting treatment now and you’ll get to show off those optimal results just in time for your summer vacation.

Patients also need repeated CoolSculpting sessions scheduled a couple of weeks apart for optimal results. Your exact, ideal schedule is based on you and your goals, but will be discussed during your consultation. On average, most clients are recommended to have between three and five CoolSculpting treatments per site.

The CoolSculpting Difference

Diet and exercise simply shrink fat cells—these approaches don’t get rid of them. For years, only liposuction could permanently get rid of fat cells. When CoolSculpting became available, everything changed. Frozen fat cells are also removed permanently. When the unwanted fat cells are frozen, they’re destroyed. The body will naturally absorb and then expel these frozen fat cells in the days and weeks following the treatment, which is why CoolSculpting results take a few weeks to reveal full results.

CoolSculpting is safe and effective. It can be used on the most common parts of the body where stubborn fat lives, and there’s virtually no risk of causing skin laxity when you opt for CoolSculpting. If you want fat gone for good without any downtime, CoolSculpting might be for you. Learn more about CoolSculpting in Scottsdale and schedule your consultation with Spectrum Dermatology by calling (480) 948-8400.