Try TeleHealth for Convenience

Try TeleHealth for Convenience | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Try TeleHealth for Convenience

You’re busy—sometimes too busy to see your dermatologist. That’s why Spectrum Dermatology now offers TeleHealth services with easy online booking. Virtual consultations save you time and reduce stress and anxiety by allowing you to see your providers from the comfort of your own home. A lot of dermatological concerns can be addressed virtually thanks to the latest technology, and dermatologists are able to diagnose acne, eczema, psoriasis, and guide you on whether that suspicious mole requires an immediate biopsy. TeleHealth makes it possible to squeeze in a video-based call with your provider even when your schedule is completely packed.

Virtual consultations are also helpful tools for cosmetic dermatology questions and information. If you’re interested in learning more about the available treatments at Spectrum Dermatology, such as the various lasers for skin rejuvenation, or need help customizing an at-home skin care regimen, aesthetician services are also available virtually. You can discuss your skin goals and concerns with one of our skilled providers without having to take time out of your day to stop by the clinic for an in-person visit.

Top Skin Concerns Addressed Virtually

Rash season will be rampant as everyone heads to the great outdoors to enjoy the sunshine (hopefully with adequate sunscreen coverage)—but that’s also where you might find a host of greenery that causes itching, redness, and bumps. A rash can be caused by just about anything, from chemicals in your laundry detergent to poison oak and poison ivy. Rashes are also easy to confuse with other skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. A TeleHealth appointment with your provider can give you peace of mind because many rashes and rash-like conditions can be diagnosed without patients needing to be seen in person. Prescriptions to treat these conditions can also be made virtually.

Figuring out whether that strange spot on your skin is acne, a pre-cancerous spot, actinic keratosis, or one of thousands of other medical conditions should only be handled by your dermatologist. Tiny bumps can definitely keep you up at night, and now there’s no reason to wait until an in-person appointment slot works for you. TeleHealth appointments let you “see” your dermatologist faster with no commute and no wait time. Many skin conditions can be quickly identified by your dermatologist through video, and you can also discuss treatments plans (if necessary or desired).

What’s this Spot?

Warts are an extremely common occurrence and since there are several types of warts it can be confusing for the layperson to correctly identify them. The good news is that warts are harmless, though they can be uncomfortable depending on the location. There are various methods to remove warts, and many people find that doctor-recommended at-home treatments work just fine as temporary solutions until they can see their dermatologist for a more aggressive approach.

But what if it’s not a wart? We’re entering the peak of skin cancer season and the savvy patient knows that not all pre-cancerous spots follow the ABCDEs of skin cancer. Sometimes a pre-cancerous or cancerous area doesn’t have any melanin at all or sometimes it’s raised. Raised spots are more likely to be a wart, skin tag, or actinic keratosis, but skin cancer is always a possibility (particularly in a sunny region like ours).

It’s good to be diligent and wary of any changes in your skin. At-home skin checks are an important supplement to your yearly skin exams. If you’ve noticed a spot that just doesn’t look right, a TeleHealth appointment can put your mind at ease. It’s very likely that your doctor will diagnose your suspicious spot as a harmless skin occurrence that can be cosmetically treated. However, if your dermatologist does suspect that it might be pre-cancerous or cancerous, rest assured that Spectrum Dermatology is offering in-person exams for these rare instances.

Go Virtual

Ready to take your skin health to the next level? It’s fast and easy to book your video consultation online today. Select the day and time that works best for you, and keep in mind the best practices for video calls: good lighting (especially for checking the skin), a quiet space, and a functioning mic and speakers. Schedule your TeleHealth appointment with Spectrum Dermatology today.