Types of Rashes

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Types of Rashes

There are many types of rashes, and determining the type is the first step in treatment. Trust Spectrum Dermatology for a correct diagnosis and the best treatment options. Here are a few of the most common rashes and their causes:

Common Types of Rashes

1. Atopic dermatitis. Somewhat of a “catch-all” for rashes caused by heat, infections, immune system disorders, and allergies, atopic dermatitis is better known as eczema. It’s a chronic condition and often appears as patches. There is no cure, but there are tools to manage it.

2. Christmas tree rash. It’s not a seasonal rash, and it can be far from joyful. This scaly rash first appears as a “herald patch,” usually on the torso. After its debut, it can spread and become a series of smaller patches that may look like a Christmas tree, thus its name. With treatment, it subsides in one to three months.

3. Contact dermatitis. This rash is caused by direct contact with something you’re allergic to, such as cleaning products. The degree of rash can vary based on the degree of the allergy. The rash is itchy, bumpy, and may have blisters. Latex, poison ivy, and nickel are common allergens that cause this rash. Treatments vary and are usually topical.

4. Drug rash. This type of rash is caused by ingesting a drug that you’re allergic to—including common antibiotics. In some cases, drugs are more likely to cause a rash when a person is exposed to excess sunlight while taking the medication. Usually, the red spots appear within one week of starting a medication. This allergic reaction can be severe, and immediate medical attention may be required.

5. Heat rash. This rash looks like clusters of red bumps and they may “sting.” It’s not necessarily caused by heat, but rather from obstructed sweat. Clear bumps filled with sweat can also be a symptom. This type of rash usually isn’t serious but can be annoying.

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