Vbeam Laser Treatments


VBeam, or Candela, is one of the most established and trusted lasers on the market. It is a type of pulsed-dye laser (or PDL) dubbed a vascular laser due to its fantastic results when addressing blood vessel issues. VBeam is often recommended for treating rosacea, spider veins, broken capillaries, and port wine stains. Little red bumps, or strawberry hemangiomas, are also treatable with VBeam.

The laser was designed to remove pigmentation at the superficial level of the skin. From freckles and sun damage to moles and poikiloderma, a wide range of skin complaints can be easily reduced with this laser. It can also be effective in treating warts, stretch marks, light wrinkles, and acne scars.

VBeam is a relatively gentle laser, often coupled with more aggressive procedures to advance healing. The laser beam color is changed using a dye, and the resulting beam is then delivered to the skin in pulses. The dye color dictates the target. For instance, blood vessels collapse when they absorb yellow light. Damage does not extend beyond the treated areas, and the targeted tissue is naturally absorbed by the body.

What To Expect With VBeam

VBeam may be recommended for a number of clients, but the best matches are those with pale or olive-colored skin. Skin with more melanin tends to block the wavelength due to the amount of pigment in the skin. VBeam can be an effective yet gentle treatment for patients of all ages, including infants. However, VBeam should be avoided by women who are pregnant or who have used Accutane recently.

Those who have undergone VBeam report virtually no discomfort. More sensitive areas may require a topical anesthetic. Eyewear is required during the procedure, and an Integrated Dynamic Cooling Device is built into VBeam to enhance comfort. Clients enjoy a refreshing cooling mist during their treatment.

VBeam Treatments

VBeam treatment times vary between 15 minutes and two hours depending on treatment site. After the treatment, skin can be red, a little swollen, and feel warm. The sensation is similar to a light sunburn, and goes away just as quickly. In rare cases, mild bruising can occur.

Some results are evident immediately after treatment. However, full results can take a few weeks. Since VBeam is designed to treat a number of conditions, your results may vary. Some conditions respond more favorably to VBeam than others. For instance, red veins respond very well, while blue veins can be stubborn.

Some clients only need one treatment to achieve optimal results. Others require multiple treatments. You will get a recommendation on number of treatments during a VBeam consultation.

Spectrum Dermatology puts the health and safety of clients first. Every laser offered at the four Scottsdale and Phoenix locations has been tested and approved, and is always administered by a licensed professional.

VBeam lasers, including the latest VBeam Perfecta, are known for being one of the gentlest lasers available. No other laser is routinely used for newborn and child patients. Side effects are minimal and mild. There is virtually no down time. The discomfort during the treatment is minimal, and is often described as similar to snapping a rubber band against the skin.

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