Victoria’s Secret Models Use CoolSculpting for Runway Prep

Victoria’s Secret Models Use CoolSculpting | Spectrum Dermatology

Victoria’s Secret Models Use CoolSculpting for Runway Prep

The VS Fashion Show is right around the corner, and recently the medispa that serves Victoria’s Secret models spilled to US Magazine that CoolSculpting is one of the angels’ beloved tricks for getting runway ready. The VS Fashion Show has become the penultimate fashion show in the past twenty years—a hallmark event that attracts viewers from around the world. Recently, angels and supermodels Georgia Fowler, Devon Windsor, and the 2018 Fantasy Bra honoree, Elsa Hosk, have been linked to a variety of medispa services. After all, diet and exercise aren’t enough to pull off the biggest lingerie event of the year.

Of course, the medispa can’t say exactly which treatments each model gets, but the clinic did give an overview of the angels’ favorite services. First up is a cellulite treatment. It helps with contouring the body, shrinking fat cells slightly, and tightening the skin. This minimally invasive procedure can drastically increase confidence when in a swimsuit or lingerie. Cellulite is very common in women and has nothing to do with the amount of fat a person has. This means that even angels have cellulite, but it’s nothing a cellulite treatment (and body makeup) can’t hide.

However, the medispa reveals that the real angel favorite is CoolSculpting. They especially like CoolSculpting Petite, one of the most recent CoolSculpting innovations. It’s a new, smaller applicator just for targeting smaller areas of the body. This includes areas with especially stubborn fat that can be showcased in lingerie, such as the armpits to get rid of that dreaded “bra bulge.” Around the knees is another trouble area, particularly with angels who have a low body fat ratio. There’s something called “model knee” which is a slight bulging and sagging in women who age with low body fat. CoolSculpting can banish it for good.

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Diet and exercise are also key parts of looking runway ready. CoolSculpting and other treatments aren’t a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, but a compliment. If you’re gearing up for your own lingerie show for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, contact Spectrum Dermatology for a CoolSculpting consultation.