Vitiligo: A Model Condition

Vitiligo: A Model Condition | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Vitiligo: A Model Condition

Many people had never heard the term vitiligo until it was linked with Michael Jackson. It’s a relatively rare skin disease that causes patches of melanin to evaporate, and Spectrum Dermatology specializes in working with vitiligo patients. While the disease isn’t dangerous and can happen to anyone, it’s only visible in those with more melanin. A very fair person might have vitiligo but not even know it since the evaporation of melanin isn’t obvious.

The darker the skin tone, the more obvious vitiligo will be. While there’s some controversy over whether or not Jackson actually had vitiligo (as his skin wasn’t patchy but rather consistently fairer over time), his claim of the disease helped to make it a household name. Now, it’s fully come into the spotlight thanks to model Winnie Harlow. The brown-skinned model first made waves on America’s Next Top Model because of her unique look—including vitiligo on her face.

There’s no cure for vitiligo. However, not everyone embraces the condition like Harlow. Some patients want help “evening out” their skin and minimizing the appearance of vitiligo. Since it’s a disease that progresses over time, those who want to reduce the appearance of vitiligo must keep pace with the changes.

Our differences are what make us unique and attractive, but if you want help reducing the appearance of vitiligo there are options available. However, it’s often much easier and safer to opt for a quality skin regimen to help with the application of makeup (if desired). Bleaching the skin to “match” the vitiligo can be dangerous and nearly impossible to keep up with. A reputable dermatologist will not recommend regular, severe skin bleaching. Instead, improving the health of the skin to increase confidence and ensure makeup or bronze application is as smooth as possible is a better approach.

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