Volbella for Fuller Lips

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Volbella for Fuller Lips

Having a perfect pout is within reach thanks to Volbella, the injectable designed just to plump lips. Spectrum Dermatology offers a wide range of injectables, and with expert precision, you can customize your lips to be plumper and fuller. Made by Juvederm, Volbella is a dermal filler that can correct lipstick lines and offers a semi-permanent solution for adults.

Compared to many other injectables on the market, Volbella can last much longer. Averaging 12 months, you can enjoy fuller, more luscious lips immediately. As a gel, the results of a Volbella session occur instantly. This makes it a fantastic solution for anyone looking for quick updates to their look (however, some swelling may occur so avoid scheduling a Volbella session on the day of a major event).

Not only does Volbella plump lips, but by filling in those lipstick lines it allows for smoother makeup application. If you’ve struggled with finding a lipstick that doesn’t crease, Volbella can be a game changer. Flawless lipstick application requires lips to be as smooth as possible. By reducing or eliminating those lines, you can avoid lipstick that runs or appears cracked.

For many people, having that celebrity pout is a must. However, few people are born with the kind of perfect pout that’s so desirable. Fortunately, it is now fast, easy, and affordable to shape and plump lips in a 30-minute session. Many Volbella clients return every year for a maintenance session.

Volbella is just one of the many popular injectables offered at reputable dermatologists. It can be a great complement to other Juvederm options such as Voluma to restore lost volume in the cheeks. Injectables are proven to be both safe and effective with minimal side effects or downtime.

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Fuller lips mean you look younger and healthier. Stop trying makeup tricks to fake a bigger pout when the real thing is within reach. Contact Spectrum Dermatology today to schedule your Volbella appointment.