Warts and All: A Myth About These Annoying Skin Growths

Warts: Myths About These Annoying Skin Growths | Spectrum Dermatology

Warts and All: A Myth About These Annoying Skin Growths

Warts have a bad reputation and are surrounded by stubborn myths. Spectrum Dermatology experts can easily remove these often harmless but annoying skin growths, and part of the procedure involves debunking myths that refuse to die. Most people are unaware of what warts exactly are and how they are spread. They are caused by multiple strains of HPV, and depending on the strain, they can appear on many parts of the body.

Warts and Your Skin

Warts can spread to different areas of your own body or person to person. The most common areas to find warts are on the hands, feet, and genitals. One of the most popular myths is that you can catch warts from toads, but that’s a complete falsity. Since the human papillomavirus causes warts, toads have nothing to do with them. This myth likely started because warts somewhat resemble the skin of a toad.

There’s also a myth that warts cause cancer, and there is a kernel of truth to this. A small percentage of warts can be cancer-causing. Remember that this is HPV, and the danger of HPV is that in some cases it can lead to cancer. However, this is a very small percentage. The only type of wart that may lead to cancer can be found in the genital area, but just because you have a wart on the groin does not necessarily mean it’s a sign of cancer.

Sadly, there is a myth that warts cannot be removed. This is entirely false, but it does stop some people from talking about warts with their doctor. There are many ways to remove warts, from medications to cryotherapy. It is fast, pain-free, and easy to have an expert remove a wart. There is also a myth that once a wart is removed, it is gone for good. This is not necessarily true. Warts can grow back, and there is no cure for HPV.

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