Ways To Upgrade your Summer Beauty Routine

Upgrade Your Summer Beauty Routine | Spectrum Dermatology Phoenix

Ways To Upgrade your Summer Beauty Routine

With the summer sun upon us, it is time to take special note of our skin and its susceptibility to the harmful effects of UV Rays.

The sun is the most powerful skin aging factor. Daily usage of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential to fend off the effects of the summer sun. Make this the most important product in your beauty routine.

You may want to add retinoids during the summer months if you haven’t already. These radiance enhancing, collagen boosting creams are ideally used in the summer months because there is more humidity in the air, so there is less change of dryness or irritation.

Also, very important, don’t forget your lips! Lips don’t tan like the rest of our body, so consequently they are defenseless against the sun. Daily use of a non-petroleum (oil free) lip balm is essential.

A sun-safe summer is possible if you add a few essentials to your beauty routine and take a little extra time and caution to avoid the harmful effects of the summer sun!

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