What Is Aging Your Skin?

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What Is Aging Your Skin?

There are a million anti aging skin treatments out there, but let’s talk about what causes our skin to age.

Skin aging is the result of many things and there is really much more you can do to control it than you might have thought. Only about 20 to 30 percent of the aging process can be contributed to genetics. We are all aware that sunscreen worn every day fends off those UV rays that contribute in a big way to skin aging, but here are also the skin agers that we often don’t think about and how we can mitigate their effects.

Frequent Fliers

Hard to believe, but the reality is you are much closer to the sun and its harmful rays when you are in a plane. The rays can penetrate windows and are much more intense at higher altitudes. Additionally, the air is much drier and skin simply shrivels.
Preventively, drink as much water as you can during the flights. Avoid dehydrating foods such as alcohol and salty additives. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen and pull down the window shade.

The Stress Factor

When you are under stress the body increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that damages collagen and elastin, limiting the skin’s ability to repair itself. Additionally, stress causes the face to grimace and frown and after repetition can leave their mark in the form of long lasting lines.
Preventively, exercising regularly helps get stress under control. Meditative exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi and brisk walking has been found to reduce stress. They all promote healthy circulation and deep breathing which is advantageous in stress relief.

Midlife Moisture Loss

With menopause the body has less estrogen, limiting oil and collagen production. The skin becomes drier, more wrinkled and saggy as the moisture level drops.

Preventive measures would include moisturizing heavily and considering anti aging skin treatments. Dermatologists have many innovative techniques to turn back the hands of time. Dermal fillers, Botox and anti aging skin treatments can all help with the results of moisture loss.

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Whatever challenges you face in life, remember that how you handle them can affect the rate in which you age. There are products galore that make promises to stave off the aging process, but the most important factor is you and how you treat yourself. Anti-aging begins with you.  Contact the dermatologist team at Spectrum Dermatology to learn about anti-aging options that are right for your skin – (480) 948-8400.