Where You Go to Get CoolSculpting Matters

Where You Get CoolSculpting Matters | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Where You Go to Get CoolSculpting Matters

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment to contour the body, which has led to it being popular in a lot of spas—but you deserve this treatment in a clinic led by top docs. Spectrum Dermatology was ranked as “Top Doc” for two consecutive years and was founded by board-certified dermatologists to provide clients with the best and safest results.

Where you go to get CoolSculpting matters, because not all results are equal. There are various FDA-approved CoolSculpting tools, and not all clinics have the latest attachments to give you customized results. For example, CoolSculpting beneath the chin is a relatively new procedure, and it’s in high demand because fat pockets increase in size as we age. However, only special CoolSculpting tools can be used in this small and delicate area.

The technique of the professional providing CoolSculpting can also make a big difference. This procedure requires the freezing of just the right amount of fat in just the right areas in order to create personalized results. Spectrum Dermatology prioritizes continuing education for CoolSculpting providers, so our experts always know the latest techniques and strategies to give you the results you deserve.

Finally, convenience is also a factor, which is why we have four key locations around the Phoenix area. Consultations for CoolSculpting are always complimentary because it’s important that you are informed and feel confident in the clinic you’re trusting with CoolSculpting treatments.

Many clients require between three and four treatments for optimal results, although that can vary person to person. Treatments take place about four weeks apart, which means CoolSculpting is a journey that you’ll be on with your trusted clinic for a while. You deserve to feel safe, comfortable, and confident that only the best providers and tools are taking care of you.

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