Xtrac Laser Treatments


Xtrac laser therapy is light based therapy which has been scientifically proven to improve psoriasis, vitiligo and some forms of eczema.  It is uses laser technology (a specific source with one wavelength of light) to treat individual spots and help clear up the lesions.  Our staff is trained and experienced in delivering these treatments safely and effectively.

Conditions Treatment by the Xtrac Laser


It can be used in conjunction or as a stand alone therapy. Many patients have tried and failed topical steroids and oral systemic medications and even biologics for these frustrating conditions. Xtrac can be used to help clear stubborn plaques of psoriasis or vitiligo which haven’t improved with other forms of treatment.

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How Xtrac Works

The treatment harnesses the wavelength of light which studies show helps to improve psoriasis and vitiligo, which is 311 nanometers of light. In a series of treatments spaced approximately 2-3 times per week over a course of 10 treatments or more, Xtrac can safely improve plaques and patches of psoriasis and vitilgo.

Cost of the Xtrac Laser Treatments

The laser treatment is covered by most insurance plans. Schedule a visit with one of our providers and we can begin the process to see if a prior authorization will be necessary and initiate the process for you!

What To Expect with Xtrac Treatments

The treatment is usually painless. At most, patients may feel some warmness from the laser, but most patients do not feel anything during treatments. A mild sunburn-like effect may be appreciated 12-24 hours post treatment and symptoms may include: mild redness, itching and or burning. However, most symptoms are very minimal and tolerable. Templates can be used to protect non-involved skin.

Benefits of Xtrac

  • Effective clearing of targeted lesions in generally 10 or less brief sessions
  • Long lasting relief, typically several months free of symptoms
  • Quick, easy, painless sessions – typically lasting on a few minutes
  • Relief from messy creams and daily skin care regimens


Xtrac Risks

Xtrac harnesses a wavelength of light in the UVB spectrum. UVB therapy has been used in dermatology for decades to treat psoriasis and vitiligo safely. The main risk is the increased risk of non-melanoma skin cancer formation. With Xtrac, you have the ability to deliver the therapy in a more targeted fashion only to the psoriasis lesions, thus minimizing the risk to uninvolved skin.


There is also a risk of a sunburn and possible blistering. However, blistering typically correlates to better, faster improvement for patients.

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