Yearly Skin Exams are for More Than Skin Cancer Checks

Yearly Skin Exam - For More Than Skin Cancer | Spectrum Dermatology

Yearly Skin Exams are for More Than Skin Cancer Checks

Patients often think that annual skin exams are solely for “mole checks.” Making sure there are no suspicious moles or signs of skin cancer is important for everyone regardless of age, sun exposure, or skin tone. However, annual skin exams are also helpful in treating common skin conditions. Spectrum Dermatology offers a comprehensive skin exam to help all patients look and feel their best while staying abreast of any potentially troubling areas.

Annual skin checks are almost always covered by insurance plans. It’s a fast and simple exam, and one of the best ways to take care of your largest organ. Acne comes in a variety of forms, and most adults suffer from acne to some degree. Acne can be painful and lead to permanent scarring. In severe cases, acne can also lower self-esteem and confidence. Working with a dermatologist can help keep acne in check, and annual skin checks provide a foundation for tracking acne progress and management.

What Are Eczema and Rosacea?

Eczema and rosacea are also common skin conditions that can be pinpointed, diagnosed, and addressed as part of an annual skin check. Both of these conditions present as red, patchy skin. Eczema can also be flaky. Neither are dangerous, but they can be unsightly and lower self-confidence. They are manageable skin disorders, each with a number of potential treatment plans.

Yearly Skin Exams Are Important

Yearly skin checks can reveal early signs of sun damage. It is a chance to talk with a dermatologist about protecting the skin and possible options to reverse and prevent future damage. Understanding the skin’s state, from dry and cracked to oily and acne-prone, is an important step in figuring out with the help of a medical professional how to best care for it.

There are many skin conditions that may not be evident to the patient, especially considering a large percentage of the skin isn’t visible to the patient. Plant rashes, psoriasis, warts, skin tags, and cysts are just a few skin conditions that might be discovered during a yearly skin check.

Skin checks are just as important as annual visits with a general physician. The body is a holistic machine, and troubles in other parts of the body may present as a variety of symptoms in and on the skin. Schedule your online appointment today with Spectrum Dermatology.